PK200 Current-to-Pneumatic Converter

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The PK200 current-to-pneumatic (I/P) converter offers a low-cost method to convert a milliamp input (4-20 or 10-50mA analog signals) to a proportional pneumatic (air pressure) output. The unit is designed for a broad range of process control applications, including those that feature pneumatic actuating equipment. The PK200 features built-in stainless steel input/output gauges. The reliable PK200 performs electronic feedback control while maintaining accuracy of ±0.5 percent of span and linearity of ±0.2 percent of span. Built with energy savings in mind, the PK200 consumes only 4 normal liters/minute (4 NL/min) air while providing output air capacity of 110 NL/min. PK200 complements Yokogawa's existing line of Quality Solutions for its North American customers: pressure and temperature transmitters, flowmeters, on-line analyzers, recorders, digital loop controllers and an entire family of distributed control systems